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Wasoo all natural design

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Bring you back to natural life with "CoffCube" decorative wall panels.

All of our surface and colors are from natural.

Because of carbon emittion and PM toxic dust, we are committed to making agricultural waste more valuable than incineration.

...Why we do that?...

Thailand is the world's top exporter of rice.

There are rice planting area ​​up to 90,910.4 million square meters in Thailand.

Therefore there is a large amount of rice straw as a waste material, but only being used up to 30%

Much of the remaining rice straw burnt cause pollution, PM toxic dust and corbon emittion.

Rice straw burnt emissions 24.63 million tons of carbon per year.

The coffee husk also, its has problems disposal. Thailand exports 30,000 tons of coffee per year, while domestic demand is up to 70,000 tons per year.

there are beautiful texture for decoration.

DIY decorative by your self.

3M double size tape on the back, easy to install.

  • light weight 300 g.

  • it can rotate install every side.

  • 5 herb colors sets.

Size 30 cm. x30 cm. x 3.5 cm.

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