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WASOO bio decorative panels are upcycled from agricultural wastes 
mainly rice straw and coffee husks which otherwise would be burnt after harvest seasons, 
causing air pollution, PM2.5 toxic dust and carbon emission.

Our colors are derived from nature such as herbs, stones and flowers,
making WASOO panels environmentally friendly and safe for human and animals.

Our materials are fire retardant while having insulation and acoustic properties.
WASOO panels can be recycled and reused continuously before decomposed into nature. 

So there is zero waste to burden the world we live in.

About The Brand: WASOO Understands the Values for Long-Term Sustainability

We are the only brand that produces natural 100% bio  wall decoration. Our products have outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties. This is the result of research that we have participated with NSTDA, can be reduce the electricity cost of air conditioning or heating. Even though WASOO is made from natural materials, but fire retardant, and not termites food, biodegradable and highly cost effective. Needless to say, WASOO is not only an environmentally friendly but also healthy and energy-saving product.

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