Wasoo : Eco Insulation panel plays its role in reducing air pollution  and global warming.

In Thailand the carbon emissions from the burning of rice straw 24.63 million tons per year.

When we had the opportunity to participate in research that found the special property of "rice straw"that can "temperature control and echo sound absorb"
Therefore is a new alternative that is safe for consumers.
And reduce the amount of rice straw burning down
Equal to reducing air pollution.
And reduce carbon emissions The cause of global warming as well.

Wasoo developed on GANFAI rice straw insulation that has won the

Thai Rice Innovation Award 2017.
By the Thai Rice Foundation In the royal patronage
Together with the National Innovation Agency

And was awarded Runner 2 NSP Innovation Award 2560.
By the Northern Science Park.

In addition, we also found that
"coffee husk" is a waste material that is difficult to degrade and have trouble getting rid of.

Thailand exports 30,000 tons of coffee per year.
While domestic demand
With as much as 70,000 tons per year

Therefore there waste coffee husk everyday.

When we experimented with making insulation sheets, its similar properties with rice straw.
But the surface is magnificent vary in decoration.