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About The Brand: WASOO Understands the Values for Long-Term Sustainability

WASOO is the leading brand that creates sustainable, 100% bio decorative materials for living and working space. We aim to reduce PM 2.5 air pollution and carbon emission from burning agricultural waste. Starting from the upcycle of "rice straw" instead of burning followed by "Coffee Husk,"  we are committed to creating safe and healthy products for our consumers.

A Decorative Wall Made of Rice Straws and Coffee Husks

We are the only brand that produces natural wall coverings (100% bio). Our products have outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties. This is the result of research that we have participated with NSTDA, thus helping to reduce the electricity cost of air conditioning or heating. Even though WASOO is made from natural materials, it is not flame retardant, not food for termites, biodegradable and highly cost effective. Needless to say, WASOO is not only an environmentally friendly but also healthy and energy-saving product.

The BCG for Global Conservation

WASOO is fully committed to a healthy and environmentally friendly approach. Our products are made from 100% natural resources. We turn agricultural waste into valuable products that are recyclable and biodegradable. No waste to burden the world. It can also reduce air pollution and carbon emissions. Energy-saving and cost-effective to use

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